A Mother's Fight

At 39 weeks pregnant, Courtney had a birth plan. Finding out she had blood cancer was not part of that plan. 

Doctors first noticed her low blood counts while prepping Courtney for induction last August. Just two days after giving birth to her son Cillian, she was moved from the maternity ward to the oncology ward for more tests. Shortly after, she received the devastating diagnosis that she had an aggressive form of cancer: acute myeloid leukemia (AML). 

Since August, Courtney has experienced all the emotions of first-time parenthood — the joy, the worry and the exhaustion — all while enduring numerous rounds of chemotherapy and battling cancer. Doctors told her a blood stem cell transplant from a perfectly matched donor would be her best chance at survival. After learning that neither of her siblings was a match, Courtney turned to Be The Match in hopes of finding a donor who could make her dream possible: seeing her son grow up. 

There are thousands of patients like Courtney, waiting to find their life-saving match. Join the registry today and see if you’re someone’s cure.

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