This handblown Studio Edition measures approximately six inches in height and is signed by Chihuly.


Dale Chihuly’s Basket series began as a simple exploration of form rather than surface. Inspired by the effects that time had upon a collection of woven baskets, making them appear somewhat misshapen and rumpled, he decided to allow natural forces rather than traditional tools to shape the forms. Chihuly began composing sets of multiple elements, progressively drawing contemplation inward within the form. Art historian Linda Norden remarks, “If one looked into these groupings of Baskets rather than at them, new worlds opened up and one could lose oneself to the seduction of forms within forms within forms.”


This package includes:

  • Handblown Studio Edition Cinnabar Basket, in a Plexiglas display case
  • Chihuly Baskets, the 112-page Chihuly Workshop publication with an essay by curator Davira S. Taragin detailing the history of the Basket series.

Value: $6500

Special thanks: Chihuly